We bring Innovation to US government agencies.

iGov Inc builds innovative solutions leveraging leading open source technologies. We focus on: BlockChain, Graph, Cyber, and the Artificial Intelligence Branches: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).


Our blockchain consulting services focus on developing bespoken solutions leveraging the open source HyperLedger project, and more...


We offer consulting and support services focused on the most popular open source graph databases. We are committers for the GraphFoundation's ONgDB and develop and maintain our GraphStack and GraphStack GDB (a fork of Neo4j) solutions, which are currently deployed in large US Government production environments.


Our team focuses on building the solutions and infrastructure to support growing data-science / analytics teams. We ensure your analytics team has the solution that best fits their needs.

iGov Inc. is a software development company located in the Washington DC Metro area. We focus on building innovative solutions for US Government agencies using leading open-source technologies.


  • Our team built and currently supports large production graph solutions in the US government leveraging the GraphStack platform.
  • Our management team is comprised of highly experienced technology professionals.
  • No off-shoring : Because we focus on the US Government exclusively, our resources are all located in the USA and have the ability to be cleared or already hold clearances.
  • Extensive domain knowledge, adaptability, and experience in emerging technologies, methodologies and processes.


To help you succeed, we believe in working closely and cooperatively with our clients. Our goal is to ensure everyone on the same page regarding project status, methods and tasks. Our approach is to develop software according to an Agile methodology which means we emphasize people and interaction rather than complicated processes and endless documentation.


Our mission is to bring the greatest value to our clients by leveraging our considerable depth of resources and experience. We align our approach to the specific business drivers of each business we work with whom we tailor solutions to best suit different cultural environments, industries, and market conditions. We focus on business strategy implementation, not business strategy development.

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Primary Email
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Clients can contact the iGov Inc support team.