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September 2019 News: ONgDB Enterprise 3.5.11 is ready for production.

Open Native Graph DB (ONgDB) is a non-restrictive fork of Neo4j, the world’s leading Graph Database.

ONgDB (AKA ONgDB Enterprise) 3.5.11 is Neo4j 3.5.11 Core + the enterprise features Neo4j Inc removed from the code base as of v3.5.
All ONgDB and Neo4j Enterprise AGPL distributions can be used in production, in closed source projects, and with no limitations on # of cores or causal cluster instances. ONgDB is a drop in replacement for the Neo4j Community and Enterprise branded distributions.

As iGov Inc is not a Neo4j Inc partner, it is not prohibited from promoting open source Neo4j options such as the ONgDB fork.

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