Neo4j Enterprise Downloads

You can download Neo4j Enterprise using the links below. We've included the official Neo4j Inc. distribution links which do not require you to agree to a restrictive trial EULA. We've also included Amazon Gov Cloud mirrors of these downloads. By default Neo4j Enterprise simply falls under its free open source license if you do not have a more restrictive commercial license. These downloads are the same as the commercial subscription downloads file wise. There is no physical difference. Licenses are an abstract concept, not a physical one for Neo4j Enterprise.
If you have any problems downloading these or if you need a specific older version, please email us at [email protected] to let us know the links have changed.

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Newest 3.2.x Version: (Currently 3.2.6)

Neo4j Enterprise 3.2.6 Unix/Linux/OSX Download
[Neo4j Distribution Site Download]

[Amazon GovCloud Mirror]

Neo4j Enterprise 3.2.6 Windows Download
[Neo4j Distribution Site Download]

[Amazon GovCloud Mirror]

Newest 3.1.x Version (3.1.7)

Neo4j Enterprise 3.1.7 Unix/Linux/OSX Download
[Neo4j Distribution Site Download]

[Amazon GovCloud Mirror]

Neo4j Enterprise 3.1.7 Windows Download
[Neo4j Distribution Site Download]

[Amazon GovCloud Mirror]

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Neo4j Inc. does not make it easy to find where to download Neo4j Enterprise which is open source by default. We've put together the necessary links to make it easy to find.

Neo4j Enterprise Open Source Downloads are physically the same as their commercial counterparts. If you have a commercial license then it simply is used instead of the open source AGPL license which is in all packages!

Commercial packages also ensure vendors are able to reach out to Neo4j Inc. if they can't solve a problem, which can be an important insurance policy for mission critical Neo4j applications. You always interact with your Neo4j vendor for commercial support tickets. You will not find a Neo4j partner who can support Neo4j Enterprise open source licenses though!

You can use Neo4j Enterprise open source in any environment, for any reason, production to commercial products. If you create a derivative of Neo4j Enterprise its open source license just ensures you share those changes with the community under the same AGPL license.

Learn More about Neo4j Enterprise Open Source licenses

Neo4j Enterprise Open Source Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered together questions we receive from agencies and integrators regarding Neo4j Enterprise Open Source licenses. If you have a question for us, please email us at [email protected].

YES, Neo4j Enterprise is open source under the AGPL open source license created by the Free software foundation. View License. This is the same license used by Mondgo DB and many other open source projects. As long as you follow the open source license terms you are free to use it in any environment, for any purpose you wish. These terms simply ensure custom derivatives of Neo4j Enterprise are also themselves open source. Most agencies do not try to create their own version of Neo4j, but instead use it as one of many server components in a larger enterprise architecture, so AGPL is a no-brainer in 99% of the government use cases! It's that simple!

Neo4j Enterprise can be used for free under the Free Software Foundation's GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.

It is the same license used by many open source tools such as MongoDb. There are no hidden or limiting terms beyond the standard AGPL v3.0 license. With Neo4j Enterprise under its free open source AGPL license, You simply don't get production email and phone support from Neo4j Inc.. You can get a support contract through iGov Inc for a fraction of the cost to support your production deployment, and our team is the only one with Neo4j federal past performance at this point in time. Neo4j Inc. simply does not back us up if we can't solve a problem, something that has never happened in our history. If you have a mission critical system using Neo4j, contact us or request an additional support add-on from a Neo4j solution partner. Contact us to help you guide the commercial license's restrictive EULA before agreeing to any commercial package support offerings.

Neo4j Inc. does not make it easy to find and download Neo4j Enterprise without trying to bind you to a trial agreement which adds restrictive terms to anyone who downloads a trial. You can either compile Neo4j Enterprise yourself, or simply download the distribution version using the link below. These are the same versions you get with a commercial production support package, you just don't have to agree to any restrictive terms and can start using these in any environment you with, including production. We've also made a mirror on our Amazon Gov Cloud account in case Neo4j Inc. changes their distribution links in the future.

Download Neo4j Enterprise Here

No, they are exactly the same file wise. The license is an abstract concept not a physical one. Even the commercial version comes with the AGPL open source license file included. If you don't have a commercial license, it defaults to the open source license! Simple!

You can get all the sourcecode for Neo4j Enterprise on GitHub at:

First you do not need to worry about open source licenses if your agency allows them (which most agencies now support.) The AGPL license ensures that if you make a derivative of Neo4j and distribute it, that you must ensure that you release the code of the derivative back to the community. That's it!
We have not come across any agencies who are making derivatives of Neo4j, all the agencies we have worked with use Neo4j Enterprise as a server, which is part of a larger infrastructure and therefore do not trigger AGPL license terms requiring open sourcing derivatives.

Yes, of course you can. See the FAQ directly above. If you are creating a closed source derivative of Neo4j itself, then you would want to get a commercial license unless you plan on open sourcing your derivative version, but we've yet to come across anyone who is making their own custom Neo4 version.
If you are ever told by a Neo4j sales person that you can not use Neo4j Enterprise open source license in production, simple email or call us along with the person's name and we will make sure Neo's corporate knows about the mistake.

No, Neo4j Enterprise is released only under AGPL. If they added other restrictions, GNU (the agency behind agpl) would not allow them to call their open source license AGPL.

All source code for Neo4j Enterprise can be downloaded or forked on their official GitHub page.
Furthermore, you can download Neo4j Enterprise full open source packages from their official distribution page. You won't find them advertising it, so use our Neo4j download resource page to find the versions you want

Read the Neo4j Enterprise Trial license agreement they ask you to agree to before downloading and you will see the difference. It tries to bind you to restrictive commercial terms. There is no reason you would want to agree to restrictive terms for the Trial download , when you can use Neo4j Enterprise for any environment including Production under the simple AGPL open source license. Instead of downloading a trial - download Neo4j Enterprise from our the Neo4j Inc. distribution site, or from our Amazon Gov Cloud mirror. Download Neo4j Enterprise Here

It's simple, iGov Inc is not bound under Neo4j Inc.'s partner restrictions because we are not a Neo4j Solution partner. Because of this we can offer solutions and support for Neo4j Enterprise using its open source license. Neo4j Solution Partners are not allowed to support or offer services for Neo4j Enterprise open source licenses, meaning we are the only company with referenceable US federal government past performance who can also support and develop with Neo4j open source licenses.

Neo4j Enterprise Commercial & Open Source Comparisons

There are no physical differences between Neo4j Enterprise commercial and AGPL open source licenses! Neo4j Enterprise open source licenses have no other limitations beyond the standard GNU AGPL open source license.
The Neo4j Enterprise commercial end user license agreement (EULA) actually adds restrictions preventing you from using Neo4j open source licenses in many circumstances!! Make sure to read it!
License Neo4j Enterprise open source license Neo4j Enterprise commercial license
Can use in any environment for any purpose? YES YES
Can I use this with any amount of cores without incurring additional costs? YES NO
Can I create custom derivative versions of Neo4j Enterprise? (Ex: My custom Neo4j Enterprise Edition) YES YES
Does NOT require you to open source your systems that simply use Neo4j Enterprise as a component in your system. YES for both
You do NOT have to open source your system that uses Neo4j Enterprise as a server as it is intended to be used. You only need to open source custom Neo4j Enterprise derivatives under the open source license and then only under certain distribution conditions.